Fraud and Abuse/Stark Law

Lambeth & Associates is committed to ensuring that its clients are in compliance with both the Medicare and Medicaid Anti-Fraud and Abuse and Stark laws, at both the federal and State levels.  Analyzing clients business arrangements is an integral part of our daily practice, and is inseparable from the Firm’s other practice areas.  Some of the services we provide in this arena include:

I. General Business Relationships

  • Analyzing transactions and business arrangements under the federal and State laws
  • Evaluating legal risk and compliance with applicable safe harbors and exceptions
  • Proposing revisions to business arrangements where necessary

II. Compliance

  • Developing and drafting compliance plans and educational inservice programs
  • Assisting providers with internal complaints and investigations
  • Advising providers on need for outside counsel/auditors

III. Enforcement

  • Coordinating with and providing support for litigation counsel in defense of investigations, enforcement actions, and settlements