Corporate Structure and Transactions

Lambeth & Associates’s corporate and transactional practice is intertwined with its healthcare practice.  Thus, all corporate transactions, relationships and arrangements are evaluated from the perspective of the client-provider, within the broader healthcare regulatory environment in which that provider operates.  Our analyses of structure and transactions incorporate an evaluation of the effects that certain corporate decisions might have on other healthcare issues such as licensure/certification, enrollment, coverage, billing, reimbursement and mandated reporting.  The Firm assists providers and their affiliates in corporate issues including:

  • Choice of corporate structure, including liability and tax considerations
  • Drafting corporate organizational documents (Certificates of Organization, Bylaws, Partnership Agreements, etc.) and filing documents with the Secretary of State
  • Addressing Board of Directors/Trustees and shareholder/Membership issues for non-profit entities
  • Applying for an obtaining certification as a non-profit healthcare entity
  • Formation of subsidiaries and entering into joint venture arrangements and affiliations
  • Corporate restructuring and dissolution
  • Negotiating and drafting stock and asset transfer agreements